Sunday, May 5, 2019

Solar Window Panels: A New Type of Solar Panel System

The latest advancement in the technology that surrounds solar panel systems is the birth of solar window panels. Using these new solar panels is fairly simple. You paint the window with an organic dye that is specially designed for this purpose. The see-through compound will absorb the sun’s light, just as a roof-top solar panel system does. The light is then sent to photo voltaic cells contained within the window’s frame and transferred into usable energy.

Recent studies have shown that these new solar panel systems have the ability to produce 10 times as much energy when compared to standard solar panel systems. This can reduce the amount of investment a consumer would have to pay. Of course, the efficiency of these solar panels windows depends on what side of your house you are installing them, and what side your house faces. If you have a house that faces south, you will see amazing results. This is due to the fact that solar panels absorb the greatest amount of the sun’s light when facing the south direction. If your house does not face south, you’re best option is to install your solar panel windows on the south side of your house.

There are a few drawbacks to these new solar panel systems. First, these new solar panel systems are not nearly as durable as their larger brethren. Since silicone is the main base of regular solar panel systems, they are more durable and resistant to many factors. The new solar panel windows systems do not have the same silicon base for the photo voltaic cells, thereby causing a little less resistance to damage. Without the silicone base, however, the new solar panel window systems are less expensive.
The see-through film that you apply to the window surface can be used for many other things, in addition to the window system. The organic dye can be applied to many other surfaces. This is beneficial b to you because you can extend the green power amounts for just about anything that you need.


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